Glittering water, warm sun-rays on the face, the best windsurfers in the world on the water, relaxed atmosphere during the days and party atmosphere in the evening - and much more


The 2017 IFCA Grand Prix Series Premiere in Neusiedl am See, Austria

A weekend trip to the Neusiedler See pays off this weekend: The Surf Worldcup starts this Friday, 28th April, and offers sporting windsurfing and an extensive supporting program for the whole family. The weather forecasts are promising and the one of windsurfing's legends Björn Dunkerbeck will also visit the new location in Neusiedl am See.

Glittering water, warm sun-rays on the face, the best windsurfers in the world on the water, relaxed atmosphere during the days and party atmosphere in the evening - and much more awaits visitors at the Surf Worldcup in Neusiedl am See. The weather forecast for the weekend is promising for a trip to the lake: Until the holiday on Monday, the temperatures climb continuously and the sun will also show up again and again. Especially for Friday and Saturday the chances are at the best to experience, the windsurf stars live on the water. Our Austrian top star in the slalom, Marco Lang, the two-time and reigning IFCA Slalom World Champion, Vincent Langer from Germany and the Vice-World Champion in the freestyle, Amado Vrieswijk from Bonaire, who lately also competes in the slalom discipline.

The IFCA Grand Prix series and one of windsurfing’s legends Björn Dunkerbeck in Neusiedl.

At the championship of the new IFCA format, The Grand Prix series, sport is the focus. The first weekend of the Slalom and Foiling competitions is set for speed, the second weekend is marked for spectacular freestyle moves. But there more good news: Björn Dunkerbeck, was part of the 1st ever Surf World Cup in Podersdorf and will also participate in the 1st ever Surf World Cup in Neusiedl am See. He has already inspected the site last year and definitely would not ignore a visit to the event in the next coming days.

Registration for Slalom and Foil is on the 28th "this Friday" with the first Possible start of the Races scheduled for mid day.You can follow updates on  IFCA's new Grand Prix dedicated Event website with the introduction of the new IFCA Live Score System, which will make it a lot easier to follow competitors during the races.

Comprehensive program for the whole family:

There is plenty of variety on the land: food trucks and beach bars ensure the natural well-being, with the view over the waters of the Neusiedler lake. There is a musical atmosphere at the Seaside Festival with 25 bands right on the lake, the Icecream Festival invites you to taste it, countless shopping opportunities offer bargains, the unique Wavebank (skate park that perfectly imitates the feeling of wave surfing ), the Stand Up paddling area, The Beach Summer Games with beach volleyball, freestyle or bubble football, and a huge kids area with playground, different bouncy castles, a climbing tower and a Ferris-wheel offer the right choice for all ages.

Just like the daytime, the night park has also found its new place. On the new Nightpark area next to the Designer Outlet where a huge festival ground is being built. Six covered floors await you in the night park:
The Casa BACARDÍ has a new look: the Caribbean atmosphere, storm girls, surfing stars, crowd surfing, the KRONEHIT stage, confetti rides, DJ Stari and his colleagues as well as KRONEHIT MC Chris Antonio guarantee a fantastic party atmosphere. The DESPERADOS Partyhouse with the cult formats Retro, 2be meets Kinky # abartig, Vanity - the posh Club and Fusion Nights from the Club Passage to the point. For those who like it harder, the Jack Daniels Rock in Vienna Floor is the perfect alternative. With a center stage for live sound and the most prestigious Partyrock DJs in the country it is a must to go. New at the nightclub is the Schlumberger Yacht Club, which is sure to provide the set-up for a classy look. Fancy outdoor and indoor bars as well as a huge yachtbug as a DJ boot that will magically attract the cool seamen and seaside mermaids. The Eristoff Floor with the Chaya Fuera brings a tornado to the floor with the #wegetsick extreme sports party. Freegoodies, hot dancers and lots of specials promise an extreme party experience in the best Masters of Dirt style. The nightlife is completed by the Good Life Club, where DJ Tyo with his DJ mates and the Toni's Martinskeller Bar team make for good vibes until the sun rises again. With this program in the night park, there is nothing to stop a varied partying until the early morning hours.

"Spring Break experience" from EUR 50, -
This includes all day and evening activities for 3 days and the shuttle service to the beach. All information about the tickets can be found at

Easy access by ÖBB.
With the "Einfach Raus" ticket it is already about sensational EUR 9, - ** from all over Austria to the Surf Worldcup to Neusiedl am See. Tip: save on accommodation! The first train leaves Vienna just before 5 am.  **) Per person Price for a single trip booking for 5 persons.

2017 - FACTS:

Location: Neusiedl am See / Neusiedler See / Burgenland

Date: 28 April to 7 May 2017



IFCA Grand Prix Serie

Slalom: 28. April bis 01. Mai 2017
Foiling: 28. April bis 01. Mai 2017
Freestyle: 04. bis 07. Mai 2017
CHIEMSEE Tow-In Contest: 05., 06., 07. Mai

Sa., 29. April: Big Opening
So., 30. April: Surf Circus
Fr., 05. Mai: Beach Party
Sa., 06. Mai: Grande Finale

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